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Type 2
Type 2
Type 2
Type 2
Type 2
Type 2
Type 2
Type 2

Type 2

Function: Allows you to tilt your loads on pallets or not, for a change of :

  • Wood to plastic pallet
  • Broken pallet
  • Damaged goods
  • Or for a simple load swing.

Description: The 90° models are designed for tipping heavy loads of all types. Up to 15 T for process or storage reasons:

  • Reels of paper, metal, cardboard ...
  • Cable reels
  • Industrial moulds...

Different types are available and adjustable according to your needs in terms of :

  • Dimensions and loads
  • Congestion
  • Desired loading mode and height. 

Tray adaptations are possible for :

  • Adjust to any size of product
  • To be fed at the end of a production line on roller trays
  • Setting up of V holding on handling of cylindrical parts...

Technical Information

MAX load / weight Jusqu'à 15 000 kg
Pallet type EUROPE and more
Loading mode -

Relevant applications

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